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The Leadership Speakers Agency represents the finest of public corporate motivational and leadership speakers.  Our roster of dynamic speakers are individually unique offering a variety of approaches and style.  These leadership speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds.  Their ability to communicate and find solutions for corporate team dysfunction make them a valuable asset to your next event.

The Leadership Speakers Agency will make every effort to match and exceed your expectations by providing you with the ideal motivational speaker or leadership speaker.  Our speakers expertise
provides a focused training ground for establishing a strong team base in the corporate environment.


Motivational Speakers with a Passion for Living!

  1. Keynote Speaker Dale Irvin
    Dale IRvin
    Keynote Speaker Dale Irvin
    Dale Irvin is unique in his uncanny ability to "summarize" your meeting and create the funniest of memories.
  2. Sally Edwards - Leadership and Motivation - Schools, corporate, businesses.
    Greg Schwem
    Greg Schwem - Keynote Humorist
    More than just a motivational speaker, Greg Schwem is a nationally syndicated columnist, author, and one of the most gifted humorists around.

Chicago Motivational Speakers

We are a Chicago-based Motivational Speakers Agency that locates the best and brightest motivational and leadership speakers to your event.  Inspiring and motivating, our positive-minded speakers are up to the challenge of enriching your event.

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